A group of amazing local and international speakers

Mark Erikson
A Deep Dive into React-Redux

Software Engineer @ Northrop Grumman Corporation

Mark is a software engineer living in southwest Ohio, USA. He's a fan of his hometown teams, the Reds and the Bengals, but knows each season just ends in disappointment. Mark is a Redux maintainer, author of the Redux FAQ, maintains the React/Redux Links list and Redux Addons Catalog, tweets at @acemarke, and blogs at blog.isquaredsoftware.com. He can be usually found in the Reactiflux chat channels, answering questions about React and Redux. Mark is also disturbed at the number of third-person references he has written in this bio.
Nir Kaufman
React in Photoshop – The Untold Story

Principal Frontend Consultant @ 500Tech

Nir is Google Developer Expert in web technologies and Angular, worldwide conference speaker, workshop mentor and tech community leader. Co-organize AngularNYC - The biggest angular meetup in the world Author of 2 books about Angular, the founder of the ‘’Frontend Band” - The first open-source rock n roll band! Principal Frontend Consultant at 500Tech, a top front-end consultancy in NYC.
Netta Bondy
Stick 'em with the functional end: How to use Functional Programming in your React app

Web Developer @ Reali

Netta is a Senior Front-end developer at Tikal, the co-founder of Baot - Israel’s largest community of women in R&D, and a lover of all things JavaScript. She often codes useless things out of sheer curiosity and stubbornness.
Dafna Rosenblum
Stick 'em with the functional end: How to use Functional Programming in your React app

Tech Director at ApeGroup

Tech Director at ApeGroup, previously CTO and co-founder at Minnemera. Experienced full stack engineer, co-founder at Extend (Baot). Blogger and podcaster. Loves learning new things, building tools to improve people's lives and practicing Kong Fu.
Benjamin Gruenbaum
The Anatomy of a Click

Developer @ Testim.io

Developer @ Testim.io. Open source lover, Node.js core collaborator, core team at Bluebird, Sinon, MobX and other open source libraries.
Flarnie Marchan
Ready for Concurrent Mode?

Senior Software Engineer @ Chegg Inc.

When not pushing PRs to open source projects and experimenting with new FE technologies, Flarnie enjoys churning out beautiful code and sharing knowledge as a Senior Software Engineer at Chegg. Formerly on the React Core team, she is happy to talk about React, JavaScript, or Open Source at any time.
David Khourshid
Formal Forms with State Machines

Software Engineer @ Microsoft

David Khourshid is a software engineer for Microsoft, a tech author, and speaker. He is passionate about statecharts and software modeling (and created the XState library), reactive animations, innovative user interfaces, and cutting-edge front-end technologies When not behind a computer keyboard, he’s behind a piano keyboard or traveling.
Martin Splitt
Technical SEO 101 for React Developers

Developer Advocate @ Google

Martin is pretty decent at humaning and pretty good at computering, so he decided to use his computering to improve his and other's humaning.
Maayan Glikser
State Management in a World of Hooks

CTO @ 500Tech

Maayan is the CTO of 500Tech - a leading frontend consultancy in Israel. He created and contributed to several open source projects such as Mimic, Gisto, xhook, hostile and more. Maayan is passionate about developing tools to improve the developer day to day workflow in an efficient and fun way.
Adam Klein
State Management in a World of Hooks

CEO @ 500Tech

Adam is a web developer and consultant, web GDE, and author of open source libraries. He is a hands-on CEO @ 500Tech, a company that specializes in frontend technologies. He loves coding, and he loves speaking about code.
Anna Doubková
Cross-Platform React – from Web to Mobile

Software Engineer @ Hive

Anna is a javascript developer who loves working with new technologies. Currently working at Hive, she does full-stack development to deliver a great end to end solution focused on user experience.
Dustin Schau
Beyond Static: Dynamic Web Applications with Gatsby

Software Engineer @ Gatsby Inc.

Dustin is from the middle of America: Omaha, Nebraska. He’s happy to report that it’s not _only_ cows and cornfields. He works for an awesome startup GatsbyJS: an excellent, blazing-fast app generator for React. You can find him regularly working on all things open source and all things JavaScript.
Gil Fink
I’m With Web Components and Web Components Are With Me

CEO and Senior Consultant @ sparXys

Gil is a web development expert, Microsoft MVP and sparXys CEO. He is currently consulting for various enterprises and companies, where he helps to develop web and RIA-based solutions. He conducts lectures and workshops for individuals and enterprises who want to specialize in infrastructure and web development. He is also co-author of several Microsoft Official Courses (MOCs) and training kits, co-author of Pro Single Page Application Development book (Apress), co-organiser of GDG Rashlatz Meetup and Angular UP conference.
Opher Vishnia
Managing Animations (Sanely) in (Insanely) Complex Apps

Lead Creative Developer @ Eko

Opher is a multidisciplinary creator whose work spans the fields of web development, design, music and game development. For the past six years Opher has been working at Eko as lead creative developer, specializing in web technologies. His day-to-day involves working with both creative teams (design, art, film) as well as development teams to push the envelope of interactive video, a new and exciting creative medium. His latest work involved the VR film “Broken Night” and was featured at Cannes film festival and the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC.
André Kovac
Handle All Async Events in Redux-Sagas: Let’s Catch Some Bluetooth Signals

Software Engineer and Science Communicator

As a freelancer software engineer, André builds and improves React and React Native apps. In his projects he often introduces new tools and puts an emphasis on clean code. He worked a lot with bluetooth beacon technology and created a popular open-source library in this field. As data scientist he digs through data and tries to discover interesting relations. You can often find André at hackathons, which he already successfully participated in 19 times. If he doesn’t code, André teaches kids how to program at science festivals all around the world or explains scientific topics to general audiences at science slams throughout Germany.
Jesse Kipp
Reconciliation: The Root of Performant Applications

Systems Engineer @ Cloudflare, Inc.

Jesse is a systems engineer at Cloudflare. He works on data and security products and previously worked on Cloudflare Stream. He started doing web development in the late 1990's and has worked the full stack from front-end development to managing memory allocation in C++. He has a young family and is an avid runner and rock climber.
Chen Feldman
React Native - Under the Bridge

Tech Entrepreneur @ Vamos

I am a software developer for more than 12 years and currently one of the Founders & Tech Lead @ Vamos which is a group of Awesome Freelance Developers , who worked in the last year with more than 10 clients using ReactJS and React Native (including moving a huge company from Israel from Angular to React). In the last year I created and currently hosting one of the best podcast for programmers in Israel and created until now 20+ episodes (React, Node.js, Deep Learning, Kubernetes and many more). I really enjoy lecturing to other people and to make complex technical subjects accessible for hearing and learning.
Liad Yosef
Modern React - The Essentials

Frontend Architect @ Duda

Liad is the Frontend Architect at Duda, in charge of its client-side infrastructure, technologies and dev guidelines. Passionate about new technologies, exotic dev tools, blazing web performance, reading changelogs, and juggling React with buzzwords@latest in order to always create the best web experiences.
Sebastian Witalec
Build an AI-Driven Chatbot

Senior Developer Advocate @ Progress

Sebastian Witalec is a Senior Developer Advocate for Progress who specializes in frontend frameworks and NativeScript. He loves working on both serious and fun projects and one day he will use his robot army to conquer the world.

He is always happy to learn about the new stuff and to pass the knowledge as far as his voice (or the wire) can take him. Sebastian is based in London and is actively working with various Dev communities in Europe. When not acting techie he is a massive football fan/player (probably bigger at heart than skills).

Alon Valadji
Build React Apps Fast Using Storybook, DDD, and Atomic Design

Senior Tech Lead @TWiK

A JavaScript enthusiast with a mentorship core and a 100% hands-on approach.
Elad Bezalel
Web Delivery Experience for React Native and Even Better!

Fullstack developer @ Soluto

Elad is a fullstack developer with a very strong love for design. Since 8 years old, he's been designing in Photoshop and later on fell in love with programming. This strong bond between design and computer programming gave birth to a new kind of love. And he is currently doing the combination of both focused on implementing immersive UI and UX.
Elad Aviv
Web Delivery Experience for React Native and Even Better!

Fullstack developer @ Soluto

Elad is a fullstack developer, who traveled a long way from native iOS development through the dark times of the web into this new era of JS based native apps. Currently working at Soluto on developing new methodologies and tools for a better front end feature development experience
Liron Cohen
Micro-frontends: Is it a Silver Bullet?

Frontend Architect @ AppsFlyer

Liron Cohen is a Frontend Architect at AppsFlyer, developing software for the past 10 years, mostly around the realm of Frontend. Liron enjoys working on and architecting complex web-apps and infrastructure, built to handle massive scale of data - while maintaining reliability, consistency, all without compromising user experience and friendliness.